Resources For Those With Brain Injuries

Those who have suffered brain injuries, be it a concussion, traumatic brain injury or even signs of CTE need to know where they can turn for help. We are pleased to provide this list of resources, on the web and/or as phone apps. We have also provided some physical need resources that may help make life easier. If you are aware of additional resources that would help others, please share them with us by using the form below.

Web Based

App Based

  • Essential Tremor by OrgHunter (FREE)
  • StudyMyTremor by StudyMyHealth ($3.99)
  • Parkinson mPower study app by Sage Bionetworks, a Not-For-Profit (FREE)
  • Parkinson’s Central by National Parkinson Foundation, Inc (FREE)
  • Parkinson Info App by Animech (FREE)
  • Parkinson’s Toolkit by National Parkinson Foundation, Inc. (FREE)
  • Lift Pulse by Lynx Design- tremor measures (FREE)
  • PD Life by Parkinson Association of the Rockies (FREE)
  • AAC Text to Speech by Theory of Mind –easy speaking app that you can talk to and translate to words with fine motor skill loss (FREE)
  • Parkinson’s Speech Aid by Janus Development Group, Inc (FREE)
  • Movement Disorders by Wiley Publishing- leading journal resource on Parkinsons disease and movement disorders research (FREE)
  • Chronic Pain Tracker Lite by Chronic Stimulation, LLC (FREE)
  • Head Injury Association by Local Media Solutions (FREE)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by ($4.99)
  • TBI Research Forum by David Horton (FREE)
  • Instant Heart Rate – Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio Inc. (FREE)
  • Medication Guide by (FREE)
  • FollowMyHealth Mobile by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc- control health information and personal health records (FREE)
  • Symple – Symptom Tracker & Health journal to monitor symptoms over long periods of time with patient and doctor collaboration in design
  • Both web-based and as apps:

    Connect with PatientsLikeMe (desktop site and app) (FREE)


You are NOT Alone

Listed are some of the resources we have found to help those challenged by brain injuries. If you know of others, please share them with us and we will continue to build this list.