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Young Parkinsons Patient and Victim of CTE forms Foundation for Brain Injured and Chronic Need Parties…

Living with 1, battling 2. Randy Williams Blog and Interview Quotes


After documenting more than 10,000 hits to the head as a football player in high school and college, Athens, Georgia native and Arkansas entrepreneur and philanthropist Randy Williams is consulting on having a book published, “10,000 Hits” to provide advocacy, hope and help for victims of traumatic brain injury – especially among the thousands of college and professional football players who may begin showing symptoms soon or stand as prime candidates for false stereotyping and life ending stress factors.

Once considered to be the smallest offensive lineman on a collegiate football scholarship, Williams tells the story of how football brought him everything good in life and would even go so far to say it saved his life. While Williams’ story is grounded in his experiences as a football player, his experiences dealing with the brain injuries are similar to the struggles anyone could experience with a chronic injury or illness, particularly when being dismissed by family. But, his journey has one surreal and life changing difference, he was stereotyped, isolated and literally put on the road in an attempt to what appeared to be unknown money driven motives and fears that Randy was not aware of himself.  The term CTE was literally used as a weapon with zero basis for the attempts to end life as he knew it.

Still, his personal struggle and survival validates the struggles of millions of Americans who live with brain injuries. Williams’ stance is compelling and overwhelmingly fact-based, and mirrors one that could be told by the National Football League and many suffering from Chronic Illness Stereotypes and attempts to end life.

“I started this cause with absolute positive intention and a vision forward, what came later was so shocking, I couldn’t even explain myself until recently.  Ironically, that was stereotyped as well…….,” explains Williams. “The repeated injuries I sustained were caused by a culture. But it was not the culture of sports falsely labeled by many prior.  When I played, I found an outlet to survive and overcome actions which enabled my Parkinsons.   I want to provide education, help and support to those suffering from brain injuries, whether it came from football, military service, or accidents that happen during day-to-day living and even now the tragic occurrence events from being a child or very young. ”

Williams was an active businessman, philanthropist and advocate for the disadvantaged in Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and around the world. Williams’ journey to diagnosis and treatment was marred by confusion, misunderstanding and rejection, which only recently was confirmed by very harsh and questionable motives. Williams’ was confirmed to have Early Parkinson’s in January 2016 and this has been tied to toxin exposures as a child and very harsh living environments through this period and recent adulthood, damage which prevents him from work in any capacity he was accustomed too prior to 2013. A self-made person with several mentors, Randy Williams, has gone through extensive years of testing and treatments seeing some of the top specialists in the country for answers. “I’m not the only one who has traveled this road,” insists Williams. “There are thousands of former football players, military service men and women, and moms and dads, brothers and sisters, who are struggling with the debilitating effects of brain injuries.  This now includes the damage from mistreatment over extended periods of time.  They need to know they are not alone and that there is help available to them. They don’t have to sit alone and wonder what is wrong with them.”

While the movie “Concussion” has increased awareness of head injuries, Williams is focusing on providing help and resources to others suffering. His condition is atypical and his medical team of the best talent available.  Williams says, “I may not be able to work in the “conventional” world with only a couple of good hours a day, but I can certainly be an advocate and try to help two hours a day….”

He established a non-profit foundation, Heads Up Help Foundation, and is consulting on a book, “10,000 Hits” with all proceeds going to support those suffering from brain injuries.  “Shockingly, many parties were blackmailed, bribed or literally forced to silence since this journey started.”  That’s an even stronger reason of how much false power is created by all the stigmas we have witnessed.

“There are other foundations for brain injuries,” added Williams. “But they are largely focused on research and treatment. The Heads Up Help Foundation seeks to directly help and support those experiencing the illness and work with other foundations by providing a critical bridge. We want to connect the injured and their families to resources, provide help, information, care and compassion. WE WILL FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES WITH HEADS UP AND ALLOW THE OTHER SIDE OF MY STORY TO BE CONVEYED IN BLOGS AND MEDIA RELEASES.  But, its empowering to have such a great team and ability to connect parties in a manner quickly when they need transition resources.  WE HAVE DISCOVERED ANSWERS TO RELIEVE THE SUFFERING AND COMPEL COMPASSION………..”

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